A Rogue by Any Other Name

A Rogue by Any Other Name - Sarah MacLean

Bourne is part owner of an exclusive gaming club. 10 years prior he lost everything in a game of cards to someone he trusted; his guardian. Since then, he's rebuilt himself and is after his lands. He will gt his lands back at any cost. Revenge is what he lives for. Michael is not a nice person anymore.
Penelope was engaged to a Duke who fell in love with someone else. This being the world in which we live, it was (of course) all her fault. As a result, 2 of her sisters took hasty marriages. Her 2 remaining sisters are on the marriage-mart. For her sisters to marry well, it's on Penelope to make a good match. Penelope grew up with Michael and has always loved him.
Overall this was a nice friends to enemies to lovers romance. I really liked Penelope and her growth throughout the book. It took the whole for me to like Michael. I didn't like his treatment of Penelope. And in the end, there really wasn't any groveling on his part. I did like the end with the revelation regarding Langford and the teaser for the next book. I did like Pippa (didn't care for Penelope's other sister Olivia- she's a bit selfish).
I read this for Romance-opoly The Cobbles sun track.