Just One of the Groomsmen

Just One of the Groomsmen - Cindi Madsen

Addie has always been one of the guys. She is childhood friends with a group of 4 guys (Tucker, Shep, Easton, Ford). They went to college together and live in the same, small town. Tucker is the only one who moved away to be a lawyer for a firm in "the big city" (Birmingham). After a few years, he is back for good, having quit his job.
Shep announced he is getting married and they are all going to be groomsmen in his wedding. I enjoyed the dynamic of the 5 of them and how they all support each other. Addie excels at sports and can beat the best of them at poker. Her dream job is to be a sports therapist for one of the big AL college teams. She worked as a PT in a small office with a sexist asshole for a boss. I had mixed reactions at first- while her family is supportive, they also want her to be more of a girl (whatever). Addie also (IMO) looked down at women who were more feminine. I thought that dynamic got better as the book progressed.
Tucker's obsession with having a certain amount of cash in the bank came from his parent's divorce. However, he never really talked about it with Addie- so you know that was one of the barriers. There was a lot of dancing back and forth between going for it and holding back .
Overall, I really did like this. The small town where everyone knows your business and can be a bit judgey for it, can also be supportive when it's needed. I also really, really liked Lexi, Shep's intended. She easily could have been a bitch, but wasn't and became a close friend to Addie.
I read this for Romance-opoly Spring square Sun track