Abduction (Killer Instinct) - Cynthia Eden

Jill was abducted when she was 13. Hayden, the town bad boy, was the one who rescued her. It turns out Hayden was colored by his father's action. His father was a horrible person (so the son must be too). After Jill's rescue, the town see him in a new light. They become best friends and then lovers. As teenagers do, they break up so Hayden can prove himself worthy of Jill and Jill can go to college and then the FBI.
Fast forward 10 years and Hayden is retired from the Seals, Jill is an FBI agent specializing in child abduction. After a case goes wrong, she comes back to her hometown. She plans on using the time to look into the cold case of the abduction/murder of a girl her age after her escape/rescue.
Both Hayden and Jill are likable, competent characters. They talk and reconnect. They worked well and I liked them together. There is a decent amount of suspense and mystery.
I read this for Romance-opoly Emergency Services Moon track