Caught Dead Handed

Caught Dead Handed - Carol J. Perry

Lee (Maralee) loved back to her hometown to interview for a news reporter for the local TV station. When she arrives for interview, she finds the position has already been filled. She stumbles over a body; who as it turns out was the psychic late night host of supernatural movies and took callers during commercials. The station's owner decides to hire Lee to fill Ariel's position.
I did like Lee and how self aware she was. She's been around the block (having loved and lost her NASCAR racing husband in an auto accident- she was the one driving). She also has abilities that have been suppressed/forgotten about, so she fits right in taking calls. I liked the romance with the detective and there is a good opening for book 2.

I have mixed feelings about the "baddie" (who really wasn't if you consider everything). The baddie was Janice, who was born William (Willie). She and her brother George were sexually abused by their mother. It's explained she had multiple personalities and Janice was created to protect Wille. It's mentioned she had sex re-assignment surgery. This is all told by George. None of it is told through Janice's POV.

(show spoiler)

I read this for Romance-opoly Sleuth Street sun track