Undone by the Duke

Undone by the Duke - Michelle Willingham

The mistaken/unknown identity tropes is one of my favorites (most of the time). I was really enjoying this right to Jonathon's ultimatum (marry me or else!). After that, it was downhill for me. Not talking, making (wrong) assumptions, and misunderstandings. Jonathon not wanting to open up about the death of his parents, but expecting total honesty from Victoria.
Victoria was an interesting character (after she was lost in the highlands for a few days, she developed a fear (agoraphobia) and never left the house). It took a long time for her to grow some spine and stand up to Jonathon.
There's also an evil lord who is a neighbor, arson, and a secondary love story (well kind of- I thought there might be a little more there, but that story line got dumped) featuring Victoria's parents.