Storm's Heart

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison

I liked Tricks in the first book. She was interesting. She had lived with Dragos group (demesne) for over 200 years after she fled her murdering uncle (who was killed in book 1). With the uncle now deceased, she is the heir to the dark fae throne. Tricks is now known as Niniane and there is someone who wants her dead. Enter Tiago (a thunderbird is his other form) a Wyr soldier to function as her bodyguard and hunt down the one(s) who want her gone.
I was a little disappointed. Tricks isn't the same character as in book 1. The interesting, sassy, self assured individual is gone. Instead she is winy. Oh poor me! I thought Tiago was a little too alpha (bossy and my way or the highway). I did enjoy the other characters and more about this world.
Pia and Dragos book 1. Dragos' sentinals- Graydon, Rune, Bayne, Constantine- all are gryphons. Aryal is a harpy. Carling is the vampire queen, sorceress. Grym is Drago's head of security and a gargoyle.
I read this for romance-opoly Fang Alley sun track