Decadent Moon: The Complete Series

Decadent Moon:  The Complete Series - Shona Husk

Lunar Exposure
Brax is a bounty hunter on the tail of an eco-terrorist. Haliday is a socialite with a secret- she is also a former slave turned bounty hunter. Her socialite career is a cover. There different types of aliens, but not a lot of depth is gone into the differences. Would have liked more info and world building. It was interesting and I liked the characters. The bad guy was caught. 3*
Lunar Reunion
Silva and Filid were both in the military and friends, but wanting to be more. Possibly. But fraternization were forbidden. Silva quit and became a commercial pilot (space ships) while Filid remained. Several years later, they reconnect and the spark is still there. Filid has tentacles on his head. Noted a lot of typos in this one. 3*
Lunar Dancer
Ima has worked as a courier for 2 years hoping to save enough to get her daughter back. Her daughter is in a home for illegal children (illegal being born to unwed mothers. It will shock you to learn that only the women are punished). Jorin is a dancer, but is a prince. As the 2nd born son, Jorin is set to be murdered by his brother, the new king. A new king shows his strength by murdering his family (who might try for the thrown). Both Ima and Jorin come up with a plan to get her daughter back and save his life. This was the favorite of the 3.
It would have been since to have more world building. The snapshots of the different aliens/cultures was interesting.