The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot - Heather Heyford

Hank owns his family's winery that his been in his family for decades. Jamie is a music teacher from Philly that just got a big promotion (but does she really want it?). Jamie's a big wine fan and travels to OR for a getaway at her favorite winery- The Sweet Spot.
While I liked the writing and learning about wine, the romance was so slow paced. I think this could have been shorter. Hank was frustrating- he blew hot and cold and I don't think he even knew what he wanted (until the end of the book of course). He was also very bland and didn't have much personality. One moment he was keeping the winery and the next he was selling it. He was unhappy on moment and the next not. I really didn't understand or believe their romance/attraction.
Jamie was a little better. She was settled- or thought she was. She made the necessary changes to her life to make things happen.
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