Brownies and Brownsticks

Brownies and Broomsticks - Bailey Cates

Katie is fresh out of a breakup and in a position at her job that really isn't going anywhere. When she receives an offer to join her aunt and uncle at the bakery they are opening, she jumps at the chance. She moves south to Savannah. She's always had a good relationship with her aunt and uncle, but has never really "known" them. This will shock you, but Katie has always felt different. It turns out she is a hereditary witch. (And of course now she fits right in!)
I liked the characters; both Katie and the multiple secondary ones. I do wonder at the love triangle (Declan- a firefighter and very close to Ben, Katie's uncle and Steve a journalist and also a witch. The boys have a history (of course they do!). I don't really like Steve (Katie girl- thought this was condescending). This has a slow start, but picked up.
I read this for Romance-opoly Coffee Shop moon track

Declan's BFF was also a firefighter and died in a fire by not following instructions. He was Steve's brother and Steve blames Declan for death.

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