Suddenly a Bride (Across the Stars, #1) - Ruth Ann Nordin

I picked this up for a challenge (needed a wedding themed book). I didn't make it that far before I started to see red. Issue number one: "He didn't like the idea that a woman might decide his genetic line didn't suit her." Poor baby, a woman might decide to not have children with you. Boo-hoo! Issue number two: "I know, but I was warned the women on Earth can be emotional. I'm not sure if that's worth it." Now, I realize it was someone else (not Rilo/Chris) that said this, but really?! Issue number three: "Marn: So you're planning to go through the ceremony as soon as you see who the agency picked for you?" "Rilo/Chris: I don't want to give her time to back out." Awesome! Who needs consent?! And that's all folks! I put it down after that, and promptly hit the delete button on my Kindle.