Better Read Than Dead - Victoria Laurie I *almost* threw this book across the room! Abby did several dumbass things and had me yelling. For example: At the wedding she reads at she actually TELLS one of attendees she knows he has killed before. (Why do that!?) Of course that gets attention. Oh look, I'm going to hire you and you can't say no! Through all this, Abby tries to handle all of this by herself and tells lie after lie, all the while digging herself deeper and deeper. She has a friend in the police department that she trusts. Did she tell him/ask for advice/help? Nope. Pretty sweet- her boyfriend is a FBI agent. What about him? Nope.
Then there's Dutch. I. Don't. Like. Him. He has the nerve to make her feel guilty when he's going away on assignment? He has the nerve to diss what she does? He has the nerve to be embarrassed by her profession? Excuse me, but Abby needs to dump him and dump permanently.
I've read the synopsis for future books, but I can wish, right? I'm on the fence about continuing this series. Abby was TSTL in this one and I don't like her main squeeze. Is book 3 better? Do the characters redeem themselves?
I gave a 3 because it had me entertained me and had some decent twists.