Happy Hour of the Damned - Mark Henry I laughed out loud several times. This was a funny book. However, the main character, Amanda, is very unlikeable. She is shallow, selfish, catty, and mean. I thought it weird it mentioned how she really didn't have a lot of friends (when human), she was more of a loner. Then she becomes a zombie and BOOM she is best friends with (wait for it) 3 different people. Oops! I mean supernaturals! Amanda asks Gil how he became a vampire and how Wendy became a zombie and then gets miffed when it is a *story* instead of one sentence. When Liesl goes missing, no one seems for care at first. The search for her doesn't really start to happen until 1/3 into the book. Granted the first third was flashbacks as well, but still. It would have been better with more likeable characters (Amanda's friends are just as bad as she is). It did keep me entertained.