The Mage's Daughter - Lynn Kurland I was bit annoyed that the strong Morgan from book 1 is missing in this one. The Morgan in this one is weak. I realize she found out her heritage in this one and it wasn't something she expected. She had to come to terms with a lot of things. I get she hates mages. But. Get. Over. It. She does (finally) accept it more by the end, but the journey towards it seemed to take forever. She was just too overwrought in this book. I'm hoping strong Morgan makes her appearance in book 3. I did get glimpses of her in the middle to end in book 2.
I do think my taste had changed from the time I read book 1 (I looked and I read it in Jan 2010- damn!). I do prefer some sex in my romances and hers with Miach is rated G (most assuredly) in this one. I get that this book is billed as a "Fantasy Romance," but some "sexy times" would be nice please!
Just one other thing; there are a lot of "long-lived" people in this one. My complaint with that is they are all men (with the exception of one woman). Their significant others all met with tragic ends. Nice, right?