Nearly Departed in Deadwood  -  C.S. Kunkle, Ann Charles Got as a freebie (pretty cool as this was a full length novel).
Overall, I thought it was okay. It had a decent mystery. Not a lot of suspense. Violet annoyed me. For one, she is a realtor who is in a business relationship with 2 men, both of whom she also has the hots for. One of them she goes out on a few dates with (and loses interest). The other one, flirts with her and makes Violet even more of a ditz (and in addition to Violet not-so secretly crushing on him, her best friend REALLY likes him too). Really?! I felt like I was reading a YA book at times. Violet's kids don't listen to her, one steals a chicken (to save it) and is there any punishment for that? Well nope. Violet does tell her she will need to take it back, but does she? Again- nope. (Granted there were other things going on, etc, but really?)
3 stars because it kept me entertained. Will I read the other books in this series? No.