The Ghost and The Graveyard - Genevieve Jack Um, let's see.....kept me entertained and was interesting. But (yep that's a BUT), I found Grateful (yes, that's her name) to be annoying at times. See, she becomes an idiot when she sees a hot guy. Literally all she can think about is how hot he is. She just got out of a bad relationship (he took all her money) and she jumps into another one. *Sigh*
Logan: He's a ghost who can cook, clean, and make coffee (he does all these in the book for Grateful), but can't pull out a chair? (yeah, that *was* explained, but it still irked me). I also don't like when he tells Grateful there are things she doesn't know- but then tells her: "I can't tell you." (See I've got this *really* good secret, BUT I *can't* tell you).