The Look of Love - Bella Andre Average for me. Nothing stands out in this one. Typical contemporary romance. It would have been a better with more character development.
I didn't care for Chloe's woe-is me I'm an only child and my parents weren't very affectionate so I jumped into a controlling, loveless, and later abusive marriage. More background info would have been nice.
Ohhhh but I did find out all the brothers like to "...screwing anything that moves..." Wow, really??? Anything??? Well, except for Chase. He has met Chloe. Oh, and probably Marcus (don't cha know he's got Jill). How discriminating.
Another rant: When I think of "nearly," I think very close. Like 2, maybe 3 years from 2 decades. So with the phrase, "Nearly two decades of as much sex as he wanted with models and actresses..." I think EWWWW!!!! I know I don't want to read about the main character having sex at 14-15 years of age (he's 32). I would have preferred it to say a decade/nearly a decade. Not only is this more believable, but much less of an ick factor.