Wild Heat - Bella Andre I enjoyed the arson/firefighter plot. I liked that the big baddie was...well I can't say what I really want to say as it may be seen as too much of a spoiler.
I thought some of the time Maya was too stupid- instead of focusing on catching the arsonist, she was thinking (constantly) how hot Logan was. Do your damn job! I was severely annoyed the first time they made hawt, hawt love they had just survived Logan's truck blowing up. "She slowly ran her fingers over shoulder blades, down his spine to his lower back, making contact with cuts and bruises and a couple of peddles EMBEDDED in his skin." Yes, embedded. Instead of say, going to the ER to get his back cleaned and stitched up, they have sex. I mentioned that scene to hubby and he paused and then said, "Well maybe they were just so overcome by the moment." Sure. Meanwhile he is bleeding everywhere. (Maya would also have to sport numerous bruises- she was thrown and then Logan landed on top of her). No mention of calling the police to file a report. No mention of calling the fire department to say, have them put out the fire. Logan lives in the woods (dry trees, pine needles) and his house is a cabin. I kept thinking something else is going to catch on fire! It was conveniently mentioned (after the hawt, hawt sex) his trunk was surrounded by gravel. I kept thinking, so? You're a frickin' firefighter!
So, all that said, it kept me entertained.