Rock Chick  - Kristen Ashley I decided to give this author another try since this book came recommended to me. While I liked this one better then [b:For You|10813480|For You (The 'Burg, #1)|Kristen Ashley||15727095], I still found myself annoyed with the characters.
India consistently made shitty choices. Over and over. Can you say TSTL?
I thought Lee was an arrogant, possessive asshole. He also exhibited stalker tendencies. "Lee: I'll use my key. India: What key? Lee: The key I had copied from Ally's key." *without asking* Putting a tracker on her car. *Again without telling her he was doing it* I don't get the love for this book and this character.
If I see "oopsie" one more time I'm going to scream! That word was way overused.
I did like the local bookstore and how it was a place for people to gather. Gotta love that since the future of brick and mortar stores are unknown.
A 2.5 for me. I rounded up.