One Hot Cowboy Wedding - Carolyn Brown I'm struggling with how to rate this one, because some things in this one irked me. In contemporary romances I expect some type of conversation about contraception. No mention of it at any time, except an "oops, we forgot the first and second time we had sex, but no biggie!" (Quote is mine). Secondly, what's the freakin rush to have babies? (And we are not talking about 1 or 2, we're talking "house-full.") These relationships happen quickly in this series (insta-love!) and I would think you'd want time when it is "just the 2 of us." Thirdly, babies aren't things! As in "...I want a house-full of these things." Yep. Things.
What I did like: Jazzy standing up to mommie dearest. The humor (graveyard dead- love it!). The close relationships between friends.