Steamed - Katie MacAlister I almost put this on my DNF shelf, but I thought to myself, "this is so ridiculous it's hilarious." So of course I kept on going.
Underneath the title it tells everyone it is "A Steampunk Romance." I guess we are all stupid because "steampunk" appears quite often in the text. A couple of examples: "-how we got on board an airship in what is evidently a steampunk world." -and- "Steampunk sweetheart."
The characters:
Hallie AKA shit for brains (I've been wanting to use that phase forever in a review). Stupid, selfish(need I say more?)
Jack- he is supposed to be this bright, intelligent guy. He comes across as a possessive jackass who can't keep his penis in his pants. Really.
Octavia- She's a captain (I assume she was smart to rise to level of captain) whose orders are consistently ignored and doesn't do anything about it. She meets Jack and becomes all about THE sex (and at inappropriate times).
1.5 stars, nicely rounded up to 2* because I got to say shit for brains!