Dangerous Highlander - Donna Grant

I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.  I am not much for the Highlander romances.

I liked the concept.  I enjoyed how quickly Cara became part of their family.  I really liked how she wasn't shy about saying what she thought (and the brothers listening to her and taking her advice).  I really liked that.  I appreciated the self-defense lessons and she held her own then it counted.

I found the following passage irksome.  (pages 205-206)

"It's her skirts.  They hamper her."

Lucian nodded. "There's nothing to be done about it, though."

"I could wear breeches as you do," she said.

Lucian choked on his spit.  As he coughed, he imagined what she would look like walking around the castles with breeches molding to her body.  He would like nothing more than to see that, but he didn't want anyone else to see.

"Nay," he said when he stopped coughing. "No breeches for you."

Um, excuse me, but breeches would actually make her more effective when it a fight.  They could also make a difference between life or death.  But nah, let's be an idiot instead.  Petty of me (cause after all this is 1603), but I deducted a 1/2 star for that.