Nina Decker Books

Dawning - Vivi Anna Glimmer - Vivi Anna Portal (Nina Decker) - Vivi Anna

Dawning- Nina Decker prequel if you will.  Very short, but gives a glimpse of how ruthless the fae are. 

Glimmer and Portal:

Overall I enjoyed Nina.  She's a nurse (awesome profession if I may say so!).  I really enjoyed how she grew and embraced her fae side.  She went from hating her fae heritage and mother, to embracing it.  The fae in this series are malicious creatures not to be trusted.  Pixies are evil (most definitely not Jenks).  Interesting world.  Both these would have worked as a single release instead of 2 separately released novellas, with Dawning as a prequel.  (So I did one review for the 3 as opposed to separate reviews for each).  Ending was very open ended for more books (novellas?) in this series.  Some minor spelling errors that I noticed.