The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting

The Body Finder (Body Finder, #1) - Kimberly Derting

Interesting concept of being able to "sense" dead bodies whether human or animal and sensing the "vibes" that attach themselves to the animal(s) or people doing the killing.  Fell a bit flat for me.  Approximately the first 1/4 of the book was Vi stressing over Jay and her romantic feelings for him.  Angst and more angst.  It was frustrating her lack of any other outside interests.  One thing I did like was her parents and Jay accepting her ability without question. 

Apparently Jay is so hawt, all the girls in school WANT him.  (Except for Vi's friends that is).  Oh look, here are some quotes!  "(Name removed so as to not spoil) probably should have been uncomfortable from all the negative vibes being thrown her way..." & " she grew immune to the gossiping whispers and the fleeting- and sometimes not so fleeting- daggers that were shot her way by the other girls who envied her new status as Jay's girlfriend."

Violet's ability and the mystery took a back seat to angst and pettiness in this one.