Violet Tendencies by Jaye Wells

Violet Tendencies - Jaye Wells

I haven't read book 3 yet, Green-Eyed Demon; however there is a revelation and plot development (in regards to Gihuhl) in this novella that I see carrying over to book 3.  And that leads to this bit of a rant and lower rating.  I might or might not change the star rating after I read Green-Eyed Demon.  I really hate important plot points/details in NOVELLAS.  Novellas should be to enhance the story already told (IMO), not to introduce plot points that will be played out in the next NOVEL.  Nothing is worse than having read the previous book and starting the next and wondering what is wrong with my memory, only to realize that said event(s) were covered in a NOVELLA.  Another issue is the price of this one.  It's $2.99 for a measly 22 pages.  That's right.  22 pages.  3 bucks.  I was lucky, I got this on sale for a buck.  Otherwise, I don't like I would have shelled out 3 bucks.  Or maybe I would have, who knows.  99 cents is a fair price for this length.

Rant over.

ETA:  I looked up price and they lowered it to $1.99