Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal by Grace Burrowes

Lady Maggie's Secret Scandal - Grace Burrowes

I really enjoy Grace Burrowes writing style.  This book had things I liked:  I liked Maggie and Ben.  I liked that Maggie was smart and built her own fortune.  Of course it also had things I didn't and they were enough to keep this from being a 4-5 star read.  This is my last favorite of the Windham series.  Maggie knew who (most likely) took her reticule.  This was made out to be a big mystery, but not so much. The "mystery" was also resolved very easily to have had such an impact on Maggie's life (think 14-ish years).  For a smart cookie, she allowed herself to be blackmailed over a decade.  I also didn't like reading (repeatedly) that Maggie was one of her father's bastard children.  I remembered it the first time I read it, but was brought up.  Repeatedly.  It's still not a bad book.  Just not as enjoyable as the previous 4.  Let's hope Louisa's story is better.