Masters at Arms by Kallypso Masters

Masters at Arms (Rescue Me, #1) - Kallypso Masters

What I liked:

The military aspect was realistic (amputation, PTSD, war).  I also got an idea of what it's like for military spouses.  Most of the books I've read featuring military men play up the "glamour" of the profession.  The ugly sides aren't often shown.

BDSM culture- I liked how it was treated (or at least should be- "safe, sane, and consensual" to quote from the book).  (And not something that only "broken" people are into)

What I didn't:

Okay I get meeting someone and them making an impression.  But at 16 (this is Karla), with the guy being 41?  Really?  Then not being able to forget that person, to the point they DON'T HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANOTHER PERSON.  (I am making that assumption based on a quotes from the book:  "Few days passed since that Thanksgiving weekend without some thought of Adam."  "No man had ever measured up to Adam, not that she'd really seen many men without their shirts.  She'd focused solely on building her career.")  When they run into each other again, she's the ripe old age of 25 and Adam is 50.  

Savannah's actions bothered me too.  She was abused (sexually, emotionally, and physically) by her father since the age of 8.  Then pimped out to further her father's business interests.  She meets Damian and all of a sudden is interested?  I was surprised at how receptive she was to Damian just based on her history.  It didn't ring true/make a lot of sense.  Then she LIES about being on birth control.  Oh come on!  I really despise that plot device (yes, y'all gotta know where that is going).

Lastly:  "Oh Lord.  He's never fit inside her." 

Not sure I care enough to read the next.  I did think it was well written.  I feel like maybe I'm missing something?  This series is highly rated, but I didn't think this book was "all that."