All He Ever Needed by Shannon Stacey

All He Ever Needed - Shannon Stacey

Didn't like this one much at all.  Plot=BORING.  Boy likes girl.  Girl likes boy.  Girl resists.  Girl gives in.  The first 120ish pages are Mitch pursing Paige (despite her repeatedly saying no). 

Mitch is a Man-Whore.  It's brought up (over and over and over) that Mitch had a wild youth and slept with many of the (very small) town's women.  Of course, no one was hurt/angry/annoyed with him for his love them and leave them attitude.  Not one person.  After the 100th time Mitch's wild past was brought up I was ready to throw this book across the room.  Okay he has a vast number of notches on his bedpost.  I. Get. It.

Mitch is also a Man-Child:

Mitch:  "Nobody makes sandwiches like this anymore Rosie."

Rosie:  "Just one of the reasons you need a wife.  When you do find the right woman, bring her by and I'll teach her how to make fried bologna sandwiches the way you like them."  Yep.  Mitch is 37 years old and can't make his own damn sandwich.  Nice.

"Rosie saw the dishes in the sink the second she stepped into her kitchen and shook her head....but it wasn't good that the corn flakes he'd left in the bowl had hardened into splotches of whole-grain concrete she'd had to chisel off the side of the bowl."

Mitch gets annoyed when Paige stops by the house (oh the nerve of that bitch!).  "...a low buzz of annoyance hummed through him."

I didn't really get into their romance.  At all.  I didn't like Mitch and I wasn't cheering for them as a couple by the end of the book.  Fail.

Maybe I'm sick of the Kowalski family?  Ryan and Josh's stories are the next 2 books and I'm not sure I want to read them.  Both are cardboard in this one (for me).  We will see.