No Turning Back by Tiffany Snow

No Turning Back (The Kathleen Turner Series) - Tiffany Snow

I picked this up since it takes place in Indianapolis.  I lived there before moving to Idaho.

Unfortunately, this is going in the DNF pile.  This has tropes I HATE.  Girl (naive and young) falls for good looking BOSS (who is a decade older and dates a new woman every week).  But oh noes that's not all!  Boss man has a brother.  Can you say love triangle?  Kathleen's friend is murdered.  And. She. Must. Solve. It.  Okay. That's cool she's ambitious.  But then she starts to venture into TSTL territory.  Save me!  Rescue me! 

No thanks.

The writing is good and grabs you.  I just kept rolling my eyes and shaking my head.  My brain is tired from all that head shaking!