Space Junque by LK Rigel

Space Junque (Apocalypto, #1) - L.K. Rigel

So where to start? Well, it was interesting, but confusing at first. Futuristic society with major pollution issues. The "haves" live in space with the other peons stuck on earth. Crazy environmentalists are blowing shit up and setting off nuclear bombs in order to "save the earth." The tech was intriguing. Interesting, yes? Just as I was liking what I was reading it went to shit. Go figure.
"Char's body flung itself to the floor, prostrate and trembling like some novice waiting for god.
then a page later:
"You may call me Asherah. Or goddess. I have chosen you to receive my revelation."
Yep. I finally was starting to "get it" and then the book goes in a completely different direction. One that doesn't make much sense. At all. And it gets worse.
"Asherah. She called the fertile females her chalices......They're just little girls." "Getting the place ready to house breeders for the world's elite families"
Keep in mind the "chalices" are girls 8 to 10 years old. They are excited at being "chosen" cause they get extra long life. All the more to pop more kids out to repopulate the earth! (Never mind what the girls would chose).

I am more then willing to buy into the story even if it doesn't make much sense (the super clean and "wonderful" place they find even though the rest of the planet has been nuked) if I like it.  However, there are things that just are eh, or more appropriately:  what the fuck?

Not reading the other 2 books.  Hell will freeze first.  They've been deleted from my shelf.

(Changed to 1.5 stars from 2)