Collision Course by KA Mitchell

Collision Course - K.A. Mitchell

Got this as a freebie.  Finely attempted to read (I've had for 2 years?).  This is why I am DNFing it. 

I strongly dislike Aaron.  He is an asshole.  Multiple examples follow.

Severe car accident Joey witnessed.  He stopped to help.  This is Aaron's response:

Cop: "Said he's trained as a first responder.  Been keeping pressure on a bad bleeder."

Aaron: "Fuckin' amateur."  "Okay, Do-gooder.  Whatcha got?"

{Joey's response snipped}

"...Which pissed Aaron off for no good reason.....And Aaron was even more annoyed."

Child involved in accident whose mother is severely injured.  This is Aaron's reaction to Joey stepping up and helping out.  (Joey works for the State)

"Disgust coiled like a rat snake in Aaron's gut....."  "...but it was all Aaron could do not to sneer at the social worker..."  "Fucking social workers."

Now I realize Aaron has baggage, but that doesn't give him an excuse to be rude.

Joey: "There, right there, please, harder."

"Aaron slowed and if Joey wasn't bent over the stretcher, he'd have kicked the bastard." (emphasis mine)

Aaron: "Thanks, but I really don't need directions.  I have done this before, sweetheart."

So Joey can't tell Aaron what he likes (without the threat of violence)?

During their fucking Joey hits his head hard on a shelf and needs stitches.

"As they crossed the parking lot to the back entrance, Joey was still a little wobbly, and just for the record?  Aaron wasn't driving him home."

So sweet.

I made it about another chapter before I decided to just stop.  The icing on this cake was Joey.  The next day he wakes up, feels like shit, and decides to go surfing.  I could supply this DNF review with quotes related to Joey's stupidity, but I don't feel like it.  I have zero interest in reading on to see if Aaron becomes less of an asshole.