Protecting What's His by Tessa Bailey

Protecting What's His (Line of Duty, #1) - Tessa Bailey

I enjoy and like alpha males, if they are likeable. However, sometimes they can be overdone to the point the guy isn't just an Alpha Male, he's an unlikeable asshole that I hate. I keep reading in the hope that Derek would lighten up, but nope.
Ginger even acknowledges the type of person he is: "What would Derek be like as a boyfriend? Controlling, possessive, and challenging." How attractive, sign me up. Can you say, at the very least, potentially abusive?
"Ginger would want him safe, but she would never ask him to change his lifestyle or give up the job he loved." Yes, Ginger would be supportive of the job and not try to change him. We can't say the same for Derek though. Right before Ginger goes to work (and they very recently just meet) he says this, "Be good tonight Ginger, I'll know if you're not." (Because he encouraged his squad to check out the bar. Of course they did!)
"Do as you're told." Ginger is 23. Not even close to a child. "The slap of his large palm against her bare flesh echoed through the room...He spanked her five times, each time harder than the last until her bottom smarted painfully." All this because Derek didn't like the dress she was wearing. (He thought it was too sexy and since he thinks of her as his property, well his must punish her!) Ginger of course likes it. (WTF????!!!!! I'm thinking run. Run now!)
"If I could go back and do one thing differently that first night, I would taste your virgin pussy before I fucked you. I bet it would have been extra sweet." Yep, cause virgins taste differently. Virgins taste like chocolate! Whatever.
I could go on, but I've already spend too much time on this book.