Hard Evidence by Pamela Clare

Hard Evidence - Pamela Clare

I appreciated the human trafficking storyline. I liked the romance between Julian and Tessa. It was difficult to put down once I started. Good suspense.
What I didn't:
While I appreciate Tessa's dedication to her job and getting the story, I thought she did some not-so-smart things. This lead to her needing to be rescued by Julian. *eye roll*
It was unrealistic to have sexy times after a certain someone was shot in the back 5 times. (Look no pain! The magic sex makes it all go away!) It mentioned 5 bruises the size of a palm on this person's back. Ouch!
My last bitch is Tessa quitting her job at the I-Team. She enjoyed her job and was good at. I understand why she ultimately quit (conflict of interest). However, this is becoming a theme in this series so far, since Kara quit hers too in book 1. It's far too common that women (in general in real life) often give up and/or turn down career opportunities for the men in their lives. I don't particularly like to read about it in my fiction too.