The Icy Touch by John Shirley

Grimm - The Icy Touch - John Shirley Rant. Read at your own risk. I'm not that nice.

Confused on timeline- Hank and Juliette both know about Wesen, Monroe and Rosalee are dating (but not living together yet), Nick is not living with Monroe, lives with Juliette briefly, spends the rest of his time in his trailer, they are kinda together, but not completely. So this is after season 1 for sure, maybe takes place in about the middle of season 2?
I don't think the characters were true to their characterization on the show. I think the author got it right at times, but largely didn't. Must not watch the show? Or wanted to add his own spin to it? (WELL PLEASE DON'T).
Monroe thinking about Rosalee and how "crazy she was about him." "He'd always been puzzled that so many other women had failed to be crazy about him..." Not. Monroe. At. All.
Monroe is also obsessive to the point of stupidity. Nice right?
Then there's Hank. "I could resign." He says this when he doesn't get his way. "This secrecy stuff bothers me. It's not legal and I don't think it's right." He says this when he REALLY, REALLY thinks they should share with the FBI what Wesen are. Really???!!!
Nick continues to lie to Juliette, "He could've been honest."
Then there's the rape joke towards the end that Hank and Nick share. Haha. Y'all so funny. Not.
I do have the other book published so far. Not sure if I'll bother reading it. All I can say is, it's by a different author! So maybe I'll read it.
Time to watch the show now.