Beneath a Darkening Moon by Keri Arthur

Beneath a Darkening Moon - Keri Arthur

This was a bit disappointing. I really didn't like Cade for over 1/2 of the book. He comes across as condescending and judgmental. For example, he insists on calling Savannah "Vannah" even thought she repeatedly corrects him. He threatens Savannah and repeatedly throws her past in her face. He questions her abilities and decisions she makes as head ranger. In short, Cade is an unlikeable jackass. For most of the book. He redeems himself by the end, but the length of time it took this jackass to get there, well I almost stopping reading (and almost threw the book across the room). This is Keri Arthur and I really (usually) enjoy her stories. If you are new to KA- don't read this one first, k?
I am glad her earlier OOP stuff is being re-released!