Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Fantasy Lover - Sherrilyn Kenyon

Late to the party reading the Dark-Hunter(verse) series.  I do prefer to read books in order, so should have read this one first.  I read Night Pleasures first instead.  That might have been for the best, because if I had read this one first, I probably wouldn't have bothered with Night Pleasures (and that was a better book).

While I liked Grace and Julian individually, and as a couple, I had too many annoyances/eye roll moments.  For example, Grace is a professional woman with an advanced degree who is a licensed therapist .  She has ONE horrible experience and she allows that ONE experience/person to more or less dictate the next several years.  She doesn't move on or isn't able to move on.  That's not the only time she does that either, because her parent's room remains untouched and closed off for (you guessed it) YEARS as well.  For a therapist, I thought she was incredibility naive/immature and probably should have been in therapy herself.  ("It had taken her YEARS to get over Paul and his cruelty...")  Seriously?  Then, that one person appears later one in the book.  So, um, no.  Then the whole stalker thing?  Overdone and unnecessary.

Then there's my issue with Julian's attractiveness.  I notice hot guys and am able to discreetly look without (excuse me) losing my brain (or forgetting I have one).  So that annoyed me.  (Literally Julian can't go anywhere without multiple women trying to touch him, pick him up, you get the picture).  Eye-roll.

Just so-so for me.  Extra 1/2 star because I was routing for Grace and Julian as a couple.