Escaped From Stone

Escaped From Stone - C.I. Black

Picks up where Heart of Stone ends.  I've said this before, and I'll say it again, but this would have worked so much better as a novel (book 1) instead of 3 novellas.  My big issue are the questions that I, as the reader, do not have answers for.  The fugitive is caught, but not much else is answered.  We do know who killed Morgan's mother, but nothing else.  The ending is abrupt (frustrated!).  On the plus side, Morgan does have much better control of her powers (yay!!). 

The seems to be a series, but nothing new (as of now) is on the horizon.    Overall I'm disappointed based on the amount of unanswered questions floating around.   It's sad, because this does have promise.  Likeable characters, unusual abilities (Gorgon), multiple directions that this could go, and an unfulfilled romance.  Will I still care when (if?) book 4 (I mean novella 4) is published?