Highborn - Yvonne Navarro

Brynna (Astarte) is an interesting character.  I thought the author did a good job at making her "nonhuman."  A fallen angel turned demon she has no empathy and is morally ambiguous.  When she escapes hell, she is confused at modern conveniences.  She adapts.  I liked her job (translating).  What I wasn't big on was the religion is the story.  ("...God's eternal light...," ...her soul is in God's hands now.," and "...God's purpose..."). But then, this was a story on fallen angels/demons, so on some level it was expected.  However, I have read other books where religion isn't a part of the story (or a very little part).

Another issue:  "I don't eat meat."  Excellent.  I love that except she, um, she eats fish.

But I did like this quote: "I want something without flesh..."