Willow Springs

Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) - Toni Blake

I was looking forward to reading Amy's book.  Unfortunately disappointed.  Their friendship is brought up over and over. 

"...felt all the years of their friendship stretching between them..."

"He treasured their friendship..."

",,,her friend for her whole life..."

"...lifelong friends..."


I hated Logan romancing someone else.  This love triangle was just, no.  Logan was self absorbed; and frankly an asshole for the majority of the book (IMO). 

What kept this from being a one star, was Amy's progression from being a doormat and passive to being more confident and sticking up for herself.  Amy eventually realized she was worth it and that's a good lesson for all of us.  

Amy was also likeable because she was "average."  So many of us are just average; and that's okay.  Here is a salute to all of us average folks!

The other character I did like was Anna.  I thought she got the short end of the stick in this one and look forward to her story in the next (and last) book. 

This has to be one of the cheesiest lines ever:  "God, honey, I'm gonna come.  I'm gonna come in you."

Best:  "And she was worth so much more."