Hidden- DNF

Hidden - Kendra Elliot

"..slipped, and landed on her rear."  Yep.  Book starts off with a very clumsy heroine who makes a grand entrance (at a crime scene).  Don't you feel like you are in capable hands?  Goody, there's more!

"Dr Campbell!"

"At the sharp voice, Lacey popped out of her coffee musings, froze, and fought the instinct to look for her father..."  They are talking to you!  Not your father! Hello!  You are *supposed* to be an accomplished individual with your own career.

"Anther step and she would have crushed a tibia..."  Wow.  Really?!  Not impressed and I like my heroines to be smarter.  I expected more since she has (or at least should- since you are making your character a forensic odontologist) a Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) with specialized training for the forensic part.

"Lust in Lacey's brain jumped up and took notice".  Nice to know she has 100% focus on the murder.

"Who dared charge rent for this dump?"  The "hero" that's who!  But the excuse is this:  "He couldn't personally supervise every structure owned by Harper Developing."  He passes the buck and blames his management company.  He is an alpha asshole who inserts himself in the investigation, because first "I need to know what's going on."  and secondly "I'm the owner." 

All of this from 5% in.  I realize that's not giving the book much of a chance, but I'm not liking a single thing.  Instead, I strongly dislike both Lacey and Jack.  Based on the size of my TBR pile, patience is very low.  DNF shelf this goes.