The Misconception

The Misconception - Darlene Gardner

This was a freebie I got (in 2011?).

I don't give 1 star reviews very often.  If I know I'm going rate rate it 1 star, I usually know right away (and stop) and into the DNF pile it goes.  This one had an interesting plot and an interesting start.  It all went downhill from there.  I didn't like Marietta.  She was very rigid and extreme in her views.  I didn't like Jax either.  There were no repercussion for him- he LIED by omission about who he was in the beginning. If I had to read one more time how HOT (HAWT!) Jax was, I was tempted to throw my Nook.  But, no, my little Nookie has 300+ books on it.  Can't abuse it!   However, if I had this in paperback, I'd be gladly burning it right now.  (And maybe doing a little dance around it).  I devoted way too much time to this sucker.  (Hitting delete from the B&N website and the sucker is gone!)