Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza

Let me start out by saying, I won this book in a booklikes giveaway.

What a beautiful cover!

Ophelia fell in love with and married Donovan.  Then Donovan became abusive, controlling (you name it, he did it).  She is kidnapped (or rescued depending on your view) by Reece.  I thought Reece was a bit creepy.   Reece: "It probably seems weird, some guy you don't even really know acting all possessive like this."

I didn't like how Ophelia was quickly attracted to Reece (and later Spencer).  She is often thinking of Reece or Spencer, often at very inopportune times.  After being in an abusive relationship, I would have liked to see her focus on herself (since this is a series, the romance can come later). She comes across as much younger than 27. 

I didn't really care for Spencer either.  He wasn't very nice (many times) to Ophelia.  Luckily, what appears to be a love triangle isn't and I liked the resolution of that.  I got a good idea where the book was going, and then something happened at the end of the book to change where I thought things were going.  Nice twist, but shouldn't have been much of a surprise since the origin story of the Mages was told.  Spencer is still keeping things from Ophelia.  Everything is such a big secret!

All-in-all I did like the story.  I'm a bit lukewarm about some of the characters.  I'm not sure I really care enough to continue on to book 2.  I did give this book a 3, which is average for me.  It's not bad (or horrible), but not really good (or awesome) either.