Doubleblind - Ann Aguirre

This is an example of a series that keeps getting better and better. In this one, Jax is serving as an ambassador. Jax has numerous times/chances to go back to "her old ways" when something doesn't quite pan out. (Me, Myself, and I) But, she doesn't, instead focusing on what is best for everyone else. I love Jax's character development so far through this series. The pacing is a bit slower than the last book, but that didn't effect my enjoyment.
I really like her entourage; Vel, March, Dina, Hit, and Jael. Doc too. I liked learning more about Vel, he is an intriguing character. I will say I am disappointed with something that one of Jax's "people" chose to do for the payout.
Warning- cliffhanger ending.