Trolls in the Hamptons

Trolls in the Hamptons - Celia Jerome

While some of the reviews I read before starting this book, thought this had too much romance, I thought it had a good balance of fantasy and romance.  I can see how someone picking it up and thinking it is straight fantasy (maybe someone who doesn't read/like romance) might be disappointed.  The spine is marked as fantasy and this was in Border's (before they went out of business) fantasy/sci-fi section.  This book is both.

I liked Willow.  I liked how she was her own person instead of going with the status quo.  Her family is fun (mostly).  Her mother, on the other hand, was a bit much.  Very bossy and overbearing to the point she makes plans without consulting or asking Willow and then blames her when she can't do it, is late, or just pick a reason.

Maybe spoiler behind page break.

I also liked how Willow rebels against the whole "destined mate" script.  It is unknown just how much the Royce institute plans out who they think should be together (and do they do anything to help or further along what they want?) or (IMO) exactly what they do/who they are.