MacRieve - Kresley Cole

This book did suck me in; however, it still had way too many eye-roll, anger inducing moments for me.

Will was too full of angst, disrespectful, downright mean, and rude.  He has had centuries to get the fuck over it.  "You speak of change as if it's easy.  I'm nine centuries old."  Nice excuse asshole.  "There was clearly so much going on in his head, yet he'd rather let her dangle in the dark than share any of it."

The way Will treated Chloe was awful.  I enjoyed it when Chloe stuck up for herself.  I do think she forgave too quickly and Will didn't do nearly enough groveling.  The last part of the book explained things- way too conveniently IMO.  And everything was *magically* forgiven. 

Chloe was strong, awesome, and deserved better.  An annoyance of mine: a 24 year old who has never dated (because boys are icky!), and (drum roll) a virgin!

Favorite quotes= "Rub some dirt on it." and "Then don't say things that make me want to cleat you in the face."