Blood, Smoke, and Mirrors

Blood, Smoke and Mirrors - Robyn Bachar

There were some things I liked and didn't. 

What I liked:  Cat.  She's strong and witty, but most definitely not perfect.  I liked that she clearly communicated her issues with Lex.  "Is it really so much to ask that just once I be worth sacrificing something for?"  I thought it was funny that Portia was addicted to "The Price Is Right" and couldn't figure out how to use the remote.

What I didn't: I disliked how Cat would question why Lex was into her, "but to be honest I'd never understood what he saw in me in the first place."  I wasn't crazy about Lex.  They were dating when Cat used her magic in self-defense and Lex TURNED HER IN.  He comes back into her life and they get back together way too quickly.  The excessive use of sugar, girl, and girly. 

"No sugar"

Thanks, sugar"

"You'll be okay sugar"

"girly glass perfume bottles"

"city girl"

"screamed like a scared little girl"

Then there was this:  "Boise?  Who wants to go to Boise?" "Nobody, that's why they had seats open!"

*shakes fist* Don't knock my city!