Darkness Bound

Darkness Bound - J.T. Geissinger

I wasn't sure if I'd like Jack (Jacqueline) or Hawk.  Jack wrote an editorial arguing the Ikati are evil and need to be exterminated.  I didn't like Hawk at first either because of the whole blackmailing and kidnapping thing.  Nothing says you might change your mind if you really get to know "us" like blackmail and kidnapping!

Jack shows her strength and empathy.  Hawk shows his as well.  I was rooting for both of them individually and as a couple.  I was really enjoying this and thinking this would be a good 4 star read.  Then,

Jack gets amnesia.  Yes, she does.  This makes a strong character, who previously never cried (hell- she was canned and never yelled, cried, or said a word), a fainting, sobbing mess.  I knocked a star off for that.  I hated that plot line and felt it was completely unnecessary.  Not just for how it made Jack behave, but also adding an extra obstacle just wasn't needed.

(show spoiler)

I liked seeing Morgan and Jenna.  Jenna's twins, Hope and Honor, have interesting Gifts.  The underlying storyline that started in book 1 continues in this one.  One of the big bads meets his end, but there are so many more.