Keeper of the Night (The Keepers: L.A.)

Keeper of the Night - Heather Graham

The first half of this book was an exercise in frustration. Rhiannon is the vampire Keeper. She's new and while she knew she'd inherit this role/job from her father, it happened much sooner than she anticipated. Someone is murdering people and it's either a vampire doing it, or someone making it look like a vampire. There even might be more then one. The major players want her to solve/find out who is doing it (but not help her in any way and they decide to deliberately keep things from her).
"He could have told her that earlier. They were withholding information as if she didn't matter- and then getting mad when she didn't perform up to their standards."
Once information was shared, things picked up. Nice little mystery and wrapped in a nice little bow. Issues solved, fences mended.
On the fence about reading more in this series. I liked Barrie, but Sailor- not so much. Sailor came across as selfish and she did some stupid things in this book.