Tied With a Bow

Tied with a Bow - Lora Leigh, Virginia Kantra, Eileen Wilks, Kimberly Frost

Upon a Midnight Clear-

Had a hard time getting into this one.  Not sure why since I liked her Children of the Sea series.


First Light-

Wasn't into this one either.  I think it might be Frost's writing style.  I read  a different book I read by her (Would-Be Witch) and didn't care for it either.


Human Error-

I was lost.  The Lupi series is one I haven't started, so I think that once I get around to that (it's on TBR, but I don't know when I'll get to it) series.  I might come back to this.


An Inconvenient Mate-

Another example of (maybe?) my mood.  Eh.