The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance

The Mammoth Book of Time Travel Romance - Trisha Telep, Gwyn Cready, Michelle Maddox, Patrice Sarath, Jean Johnson, Patti O'Shea, Autumn Dawn, Holly Lisle, Michele Lang, Michelle Willingham, Madeline Baker, Colby Hodge, Sara Mackenzie, Sandy Blair, Allie Mackay, A.J. Menden, Cindy Miles, Margo Maguire, Sandra Newg

Some stories worked, some were just okay, and others didn't hold my interest.

These were the best:

The Eleventh Hour by Michelle Maddox-

Enjoyed this one; however the falling in love happened quickly (but then given the length, what did I expect?)

Pilot's Forge by Patrice Sarath-

Interesting start, it kept my attention.  I loved Edith's profession (Farrier).  Weird end.

The Troll Bridge by Patti O'Shea-

My favorite- no insta-love in this one, just insta-like and a willingness to let's see what happens mentality. 

The Gloaming Hour by Cindy Miles-

At first I thought this was a ghost story.  Ending abrupt.

Time Trails by Colby Hodge-

No, this one was my favorite- Unique. I liked the idea of hunting criminals who go back to the past to alter history and those who hunt them and fix it.  Yeah!

Future Date by A.J. Menden-

Well, this one was a favorite too!  The storyline has some reality to it (not the time travel, but a future with limits on children and the obvious preference for boys leading to a large gender gap).