Working Out

Working Out (The Works, #2) - Marie Harte

Just skip it. Mac's an asshole and Maggie begs for more. I should have stopped, but I just had to continue reading this train-wreck in the hope it would get better. I was also at the gym working out, so the title fit. Ha ha.
"I'm two seconds away from fucking you raw." Romantic right?
"If she weren't on birth control, she had a feeling they'd have made a baby." Yeah, I don't know what to say to that one.
"Want me to put you down and fuck you like the dirty slut you are?" Calling your lover a slut, now that's oh so romantic!
"Up and down, you little slut." There it is again.
So I shouldn't have been surprised when Maggie has a major break-through in her chosen profession and Mac isn't happy/supportive.